Update #11

My computer tells me it is only 83 days until the launch of Cor Deo. This means we are heading into practical preparations mode . . .

Places to Prep
We need to get the study room set up, including a few items of furniture and technology (January sales are well-timed, but we have to watch the VAT increase). We also need to find accommodation for Ron, as well as a place for two or three participants to share (the others are commuting). This will probably mean getting some second-hand furniture too (some has already been provided).

Library to Prep
I am starting to build the library of resources for the Cor Deo library. This will be a focused selection of books specifically picked for the participants to have access to what they need during the course.

People to Prep
We are having another Discover Cor Deo event on the morning of Saturday the 4th of December here in Chippenham. If you are considering whether Cor Deo might be for you, then you are wamly invited to join us to find out more. Perhaps you know someone else who might be interested? So far almost every potential participant has got in touch with us because someone encouraged them to consider Cor Deo!

Prayer is Prep
We really value your prayer support for this ministry. We have been so encouraged by answers to prayer, seemingly on a weekly basis. I was going to mention one need in this update, but that prayer was answered before the update was written! At the same time we are at a critical moment in terms of Ron’s visa application. The British Government has announced new restrictions on visas, which could have a bearing on Ron’s application. Please pray for this to be successful and for us to have good news by the next update!

Warmest regards,

Peter for the team

PS  Pointers for Prayer – Here are the top items right now:

  1. For Ron’s visa application to come through successfully.
  2. Discover Cor Deo on the 4th of December.
  3. For any others who may join the five already committed for 2011. We have a couple of folks pondering the possibility right now.
  4. Praise God as the practical details fall into place, and please pray for all that remains to be figured out in terms of accommodation, etc.

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