Update #10

Time is moving quickly and we will soon be ready to launch the first season of Cor Deo . . .

Pieces already in place – So we have a great group of students for the first season of Cor Deo (and room for a couple more if you’re interested!)  We have been really encouraged to see prayers answered regarding finances, with a significant proportion of the launch budget now in place.  We have seen the online presence develop at www.cordeo.org.uk/blog (be great to see the conversation increase on there, please feel encouraged to comment on the posts).

Pieces moving into place – We are starting to upload resources to the website and are hoping to increase this element of the site.  We are in the process of preparing the content for the various study blocks in the 2011 programme.  We should soon be adding some video clips to the website – watch this space.  Perhaps most importantly, we are in the process of applying for Ron’s visa to enable him to be in the country!

Discover Cor Deo – Saturday the 4th of December is our next Discover Cor Deo!  It will be held in Chippenham.  If you would like to know more, meet the mentoring team, find out if Cor Deo is for you, or how you can stand with us in prayer, please plan on joining us.  Please let us know if you would like more information about this event.

Prayer requests – Here are a few items we would really appreciate prayer for:
1.    For permissions to be granted to allow Ron to be in the country for Cor Deo!
2.    For the participants already committed to the 2011 programme – that they will be able to walk closely with the Lord in the next couple of months before the team comes together.
3.    For any more participants that may join us for 2011.
4.    Praise God for all the finance and practical details that have already fallen into place.

Thank you for standing with us,

Peter for the team

PS  Guiding Value – The first of our guiding values states, “Our calling is to participate in the glory of God’s triune love.”  That’s quite the statement!  I was just preaching from Colossians last weekend and was struck by 1:13-14 . . . The Father has rescued us from the dominion of darkness – this feels familiar – and brought us into the kingdom of the Son – yes, fantastic but familiar – the kingdom of the Son he loves.  Have you noticed that before?  The glorious kingdom we are brought into by the redemptive work of Christ is not just some sort of glory “place,” it’s a kingdom marked by the glorious love of the Father for the Son!

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