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What is This Preacher Doing?

What is the preacher doing when they preach?  Sometimes that question might be asked in a concerned tone – what is this preacher doing?  But even without the negative or concerned tone, the question is worth pondering. John Stott wrote about the task of the preacher in his book, Between Two Worlds.  He recognized the […]

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Don’t De-Affect the Text

Last year I wrote a post on biblicalpreaching.net entitled “Preaching is a matter of life and death.”  In the good discussion that followed I made this comment – “God has communicated in His Word (and calls us to preach that Word), in such a way as to move the heart/affections, as well as informing the mind, […]

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Going Deeper Than Instruction

(This week we will be posting several articles as the Cor Deo blog goes live . . . next week we will start our regular pattern of a weekly conversation . . . ) In a lot of preaching situations it is easier to simply present the text and press home the imperatives.  Whether or […]

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