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The Paradox of the Heart

The biblical imagery of the heart is one of the most misunderstood.  Many will assume that references to the “thoughts of the heart” mean that what is intended is the rational faculty of the mind.  Others will see the heart language in the sentimental terms dictated by the Valentine’s Day greeting card industry – syrup […]

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Amazing Grace

A few weeks ago I had a very encouraging conversation with a thrilled believer. She had read a book about God’s grace and it was a delight to see her so stirred by what she saw there. She described how amazing it is that even though she was so guilty, the judge has paid the […]

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Covenants Familiar and Forsaken

It’s a great feeling to be able to enjoy something new.  A new house, a new computer, or even a new friendship.  Even if it is isn’t new, but is new to you, it can be a real blessing.  I’m enjoying the blessing of all three right now.  But I know that the new and […]

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