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Where do we stand with God? Is he pleased with us? Are we confident about the future—sure about eternal life? Hopefully, yes, but let’s pause to think about it. And let’s ask the question in light of God as the Father, Son, and Spirit God. Justification—our engaging God’s righteousness—is a biblical linchpin for Christians. The […]

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Righteousness—and how to achieve it—is at the heart of Christian faith. But what, according to the Bible, makes us righteous? Another word, justification – “to be made righteous”, refers to the same issue: how do we come into a proper standing with God? In Christianity at least three ways of determining righteousness have been promoted: […]

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Evangelising Me

The human problem is far greater and deeper than we’ve ever imagined.  Not only are we all guilty before God, but we are also dead-hearted toward God and we don’t have His Spirit uniting us with Christ or with each other.  This was not God’s design.  He made us to live in the freedom of […]

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Experiencing God

The stir for this entry comes from Martin Luther.  What caught my attention is a revisit to Tuomo Mannermaa’s intriguing work, Christ Present in Faith: Luther’s View of Justification (Fortress, 2005).  Luther, according to Mannermaa, held that a believer’s experience of Christ in saving union is crucial to faith. The reason for mentioning this is […]

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