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Satan Hates the Holy Spirit

I think this might just be a blind spot in contemporary theology.  We know that Satan hates God and marriage and evangelism and even church planting.  But I have never heard anyone reference his hatred for the Holy Spirit. As I ponder this idea I see more and more evidence to support the statement used […]

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“And the Holy Spirit”

This week’s entry was originally written by Ron on his blog: Spreading Goodness. It’s so good we wanted to share it! ——————————————————– The Council of Nicaea in 325 worked hard to summarize a sound understanding of the Triune God in the face of Arian error. They explained how Jesus, the Son, exists in eternal relationship with the Father. […]

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Enjoying the Spirit

What about the Spirit?  What should we make of his place in the Trinity, and in our lives?  Our response to that question, whatever it is, will say much about how we live out our faith.  With that in mind let me mention, very briefly, some common points of view, then offer my own.  And […]

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