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Pursuing God’s Heart Yourself – 3 Bible Books

Recently we have been offering some really useful Bible study videos on our YouTube channel.  In each series Peter uses seven key principles to help us dive into a Bible book and make sense of it for ourselves.  In the process, you get a great jump start on studying the book too!  If you aren’t […]

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Study Titus With Cor Deo Online

Here is a playlist of seven videos we recently released on Cor Deo Online.  Each video presents a short text from Titus with a key principle for handling the Bible well . . . please do take a look and share with others if it is helpful!

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Reading Rightly

Sound hermeneutics—the principles of interpretation—are crucial to effective Bible study. Good interpretation offers a reliable grasp of the meaning of a given text and a proper sense of how to apply it. This interpretive work comes as part of a Bible college education. Graduates ideally go on to coach church members in sound Bible study. […]

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Red or Blue?

Every Christian I know would affirm that the Bible is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.  Strangely, many seem to think it is as cold as one too.  How often the Bible is treated as a cold set of sharp propositions, a repository of truth statements that are precise and sharp, but cold […]

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