Posts From Months Past

Here are some other posts that you might appreciate from other sites:

Answering Inadequacy, by Ron, on, well, inadequacy.

Airport Lounge, by Huw Williams (Cor Deo 2011) with reflections on our world, our destination and a mention for the Cor Deo reunion.

Let Man Not Separate, where Peter pleads for the Holy Spirit and Accountability to be kept together. (And this one on the Spirit and Sermon Preparation.  Oh, and one more on the Bible and Spirituality.)

Solomon’s Heritage, in Cor Deo we were looking at Solomon recently, which ties in with this post from Ron.

Meet the Bloggers, an interview on blogging and preaching and spirituality with Peter.

Concerning Hobbits, one more from Huw (CD2011), on how we read and handle biblical narratives.

Conducting Life, since we’ve linked to Huw, here’s a post from Ron with reflections after watching Huw in action last summer.

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