Update #65 March 2017

Against the Flow

A few weeks ago in Trinity Chippenham, we started a new series in the book of Daniel. It’s been great and it’s felt so timely for me. I was challenged last Sunday about faith and how it’s defined in the 21st century West. This was one of Peter’s summary phrases: “Faith is not trust in the quantity of our belief, but rather devotion to God even over life itself.” I was struck by this in particular because I’ve seen this idea ‘lived out’ in so many of our Cor Deo Intensive participants. We want everyone who comes into contact with Cor Deo to have their “heart for God” grow and beat faster (including mine and Peter’s!) because they’ve come into contact with a good God who loves them deeply. It’s so exciting to see wide-eyes and hear gasps as brothers and sisters see Jesus jump off the pages of Scripture. Last month in the Womens’ Program we had these reactions many times! To be honest, it can be too easy to let coldness, distraction and busyness squash our faith in God. So do keep praying for Cor Deo, and for me and Peter, that devotion to our amazing God would be the motive and fruit of everything we do.

(You can listen to the Daniel messages here)
2017 Cor Deo Womens’ Program (minus Esther from Cardiff!)
The second Cor Deo Womens’ Program was a great success – we had a brilliant time! Six women were in the room for the three weeks, including Gretchen (Portland, USA) and Anniina (Finland and Trinity) who led and mentored the ladies. Each day started with the Bible – we travelled together through the whole of John’s Gospel. We then spent some time in church history, exploring how christianity got to where it is today in its views of God, humanity, sin and salvation. After lunch the women dug deep into the implications for the Christian life – what does it mean to be united with Christ? How do we best care for each other? Sadly there was some disruption due to illness and flu (which is why Esther is missing from the photo above.) Despite the disappointment, it was such a special time. Here are some reflections:

     “Now I can see Jesus so much clearer – salvation is such a fantastic gift! I’m      excited to keep on looking at Him”
“The fruit of Cor Deo is deeper freedom, joy, peace. I love Jesus more.”
“I’ve seen how good the Good News really is!”

If you’re a woman who’s interested in being part of a future Cor Deo Womens’ Program, feel free to let us know. And watch this space!

Coming very soon is the next Cor Deo Intensive! We’re looking forward to hearing God’s heart as we visit some highlights in John’s Gospel. We’ll spend time in church history and we’ll also consider what difference a Spirit-filled, heart-beating relationship with God makes. (Spoiler alert: it makes all the difference in the world!)

This Intensive will take place in Chippenham on Tuesday March 21st – Friday March 24th. There are still a few places available, but space is limited. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, email us asap.

Super-Advanced ‘Warning’
God-willing there will be a fun Cor Deo opportunity in October 2017…
As part of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther launching the Reformation with his 95 theses, we are planning a special Cor Deo ‘Reformation Intensive.’ Three days in Chippenham at the end of October with all the usual elements of Cor Deo, and a strong Luther flavour! There are more details to come, but in the meantime get your diaries: Monday October 30th – Wednesday November 1st!
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