Update #63 December 2016

In the midst of Carol-singing, present-wrapping and tree-decorating, December is typically a time to look back. We have lots to be grateful to God for over the past couple of months since the last Cor Deo email. I’d like to share three exciting encouragements with you so you can join us in thanking our good God…


November Intensive
What a brilliant week! A pretty big group (18) joined me and Peter for four days in Chippenham – a group from all over the world… USA, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Devon, Swindon and even Chippenham. A real mix! We had a great time together drinking the gospel in Galatians and it was interesting to explore together how union with Jesus in the New Covenant really is the best news in the world. My highlight of the week is contained in the photo above. On the Friday, in one corner of the room, were three wonderful people who communicated the beauty of the gospel to me simply by sitting next to each other! Two are from Devon, one from Chippenham. One is in their twenties, the other two somewhat older. Two have kids, the other is old enough to be a daughter/granddaughter. Two have been Christians for 18 months, one for over 80 years. All three love Jesus! It was truly a privilege to hang out with this group so full of humility and gentleness. I loved seeing their wonder and excitement about Jesus grow throughout the week. Even in such a big group, there was warmth and a significant depth of relationship and connection. In the words of the oldest Intensive participant: “Jesus is just marvellous, isn’t He!?”
Christian Unions

At the beginning of November I was invited to be the speaker at Bath University CU Weekend Away. It was great to spend time with students again, and preach through Philippians. I did my best to communicate that Jesus is better – better than any thing, any one and any situation. Do pray for this CU, and for CUs throughout the UK and Europe, that they would live and speak for Jesus with love and passion.
At the end of November we spent a day with the UCCF Teams of Wales and the South West. Every month the Teams will meet for teaching, admin and prayer. As you can see from the photo we met in an underground nuclear bunker (not really, but it looks like one doesn’t it!) Peter did a great job sharing the Four Big Questions that we ask in Cor Deo – you can find them in ‘Foundations.’ It was a joy to be with a group of such gifted and passionate brothers and sisters – it was a significant day.

Lost in Wonder
Peter’s newest book is now out in the UK, and I think it is excellent! You can buy it here.
It’s a companion to ‘Pleased to Dwell‘ and is a journey through the Bible’s story of God’s Marriage to us. Incredible stuff.
Dave Gobbett is a friend and Pastor in Cardiff, Wales. He says: “That the powerful king of the universe is a God of passionate love makes for glorious biblical theology. That he would relentlessly pursue a sinner like me in such love is simply mind-blowing. But the apostle Paul wanted his readers to grasp this truth deep down (Eph. 3:18-19), and so does Peter Mead in his moving new devotional. Read, reflect and be lost in wonder.”


As the new year approaches let’s keep praying for God’s blessing upon Cor Deo. Without Him we really can do nothing!

We’re excited about what the Lord has in store for the year ahead. The Women’s Program will take place again in February – starting Monday 6th, four days a week for three weeks. We will swim in John’s Gospel as well as explore the Four Big Questions and how they’ve been answered since the first century! There are still spaces so if you’re interested get in touch.

We’ll let you know about other plans and opportunities as soon as possible. In the meantime, thank you for your support in 2016. You are a key part of the Cor Deo family and we really appreciate you.

Merry Christmas and every blessing for you in the New Year.


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