Update #23 – Mini-Update (July 2011)

This was week 20, the final week, of the first season of Cor Deo.  It is hard to believe that it is finished already!  These last few weeks have been precious times of fellowship and growth together as a team.  On Wednesday evening we enjoyed our celebration meal together with wives, fiancee and girlfriends.

It has been very encouraging to share testimonies together over these past days of what God has done during these last months.  We will share more testimonies next time, but one that stood out to me was the comment, “I have never enjoyed reading my Bible as much as I have during Cor Deo.”

During these weeks together we have enjoyed ministry in Italy, Poland, Holland, Central Asia, Belgium, as well as Leeds, London, local churches in England and Wales, ministry literally on the doorstep, an evening on the streets of Chippenham, serving the Christian Union in Bath, as well as some great days with UCCF staff . . . the list could go on.  We all want to thank you for praying for us during these months of learning and serving together.

Please do pray for the team as they head their separate ways: Huw & Alison to Italy, Paul looking at options in Africa, Sam to Carlisle, Chris & Sarah to Essex, Mark & Janna staying in Devon, Mike back to Eastbourne, Jonathan staying in the Forest of Dean, and Alan & Jill staying in Chippenham.  Ron is now back in the US for a few weeks.  Peter is heading off for a week of family holiday!

We are starting to see the team form for 2012 and would appreciate your prayers for that process.  Meanwhile we have the Cor Deo Intensive week, A Relational Faith, coming up at the end of September.  There are a few places left, but please get in touch soon if you are interested in attending.  (For more information click here.)

We have been blessed immensely to be part of this first Cor Deo.  Thank you so much for being part of it with us!

For the team,

Ron & Peter

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