Update #17 – Mini-Update (Mar 2011)

I (Ron) traveled to Leeds a week ago on Sunday, with three members of the Cor Deo team (Alan, Jonathan & Mike) to the City Evangelical Church for a Mission Sunday.  I spoke from John 3 on God’s spreading love as a biblical basis for missions.  The round trip by car (450 miles in a day) offered time for some lively and fruitful conversations!

Last weekend Peter and Sam took part in a church’s annual conference in Bristol, then on Monday we had a very enjoyable Cor Deo board meeting.

This weekend I will be joined by Jonathan as I travel to Poland for a conference on “What is a Church?” with the Piotrkow Trybunalski Evangelical Church.  At the same time Peter will be taking Chris, Sam and Paul over to Holland where he will teach a mini-course on preaching at Tyndale Seminary.

Next week, on Wednesday the 23rd, we will begin a four-week study of Habakkuk (each Wednesday evening, 8-9:30) at Ladyfield Church.  Peter and I will share at the start, then I’ll take the lead after that.  (If you are planning to join us, please register via info@cordeo.org.uk)

These are busy weeks and we really value your prayers for all this ministry to make a difference!

Ron for the team

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