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All of us are still growing.  As adults we don’t pay as much attention to growth as we did as children.  Back then our too-small shoes or too-short trousers were regular clues.  But now as adults it takes a promotion at work or a graduation ceremony to remind us that we’ve moved on from an […]

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Update #34 – June 2012

The final weeks of Cor Deo seem to just slip away.  After a great week in Hungary at the European Leadership Forum, the team has really enjoyed the final weeks together.  During these last weeks we enjoyed studies in Ephesians, Jonathan Edwards, pastoral counselling, and so much more.  This week was our last together.  We […]

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Getting to Know God

This week we bring our second full season of Cor Deo to a close.  The past few months have been a great experience for us all.  The opportunity to pursue God together in His Word is an absolute privilege.  The delight of sharing life together with a group of others passionate to know Him is […]

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What happened to Demas? Demas is mentioned by Paul in both Colossians and Philemon.  Along with Demas we find Aristarchus, Luke, and John Mark cited as a support team with Paul during the apostle’s house arrest in Rome.  We can guess that Demas, like the other men, was a young convert whose response to the […]

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We Are Not Jesus’ Plus One

Over the past couple of years of Cor Deo I have noticed one particular theological observation hitting home (one among many, but I’m thinking of one in particular): we are not Jesus’ plus one.  To put it another way, God is not divided between prosecuting Father and lawyer Son. Maybe it comes from well meaning […]

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