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Glen Scrivener Interviews Peter Mead

September 26th 2014 by Posted in News 0 Comments

Glen Scrivener is a good friend of Cor Deo.  Every year Glen joins us for a day during the full-time course and shares with the team about the Gospel and evangelism.  Back in 2012 he spoke at our Delighted by God conference in London.  Here is his latest episode of The Evangelists Podcast in which | Read More…

Update #52 – September 2014

September 24th 2014 by Posted in News 0 Comments

We recently held our first ever ‘Level 2′ Intensive (aka ‘Intensifier’!) Our hope was to offer a week for people who have already attended a Cor Deo Intensive. It was a very enjoyable week together – we heard our loving and humble God speak to us from the Psalms and dug deeply into early church history. On the | Read More…


Update #51 – July 2014

August 4th 2014 by Posted in News 0 Comments

Dear all, Please pray for the 2014 team as they adjust and pursue next steps – we know God will continue to bless others through each of them! Summer Intensives (UK) From the 11th-15th of August, we will be hosting an Intensive here in Chippenham. There are still a few spaces available if you are | Read More…

Update #50 – June 2014

June 15th 2014 by Posted in News 0 Comments

“One week…” That was my first thought this morning when I woke up. This is week 19 of the 20 week Cor Deo full-time program and it feels too soon to be finishing! We’ll send a fuller review and reflection of our time together soon but, for now, we’d like to ask you again to pray for us. Here are | Read More…

Update #49 – April 2014

April 28th 2014 by Posted in News 0 Comments

  One of the things I love about Cor Deo is the constant talk of ‘we’ and ‘us.’ Cor Deo is not a singular, independent Force or Source of truth. We are an inviting and spreading community who want to walk step by step with Jesus. Fellowship is at the centre of who we are and | Read More…

Update #48 – March 2014

March 28th 2014 by Posted in News 0 Comments

Even though it’s not technically spring here in the UK yet, at Cor Deo we’re big fans! Besides the increased warmth and sunlight, spring is the season of new life and hope. As we see daffodils and blue skies we can’t help but praise our good God for the life and light we have in His Son Jesus. | Read More…

Update #47 – January 2014

January 19th 2014 by Posted in News 0 Comments

The New Year has started with a bang for us at Cor Deo!  After three years in our last venue (for which we want to express our heartfelt thanks to the church for their generosity to us), we have now moved into a new home for the ministry.  We want to praise God for His | Read More…

Update #46 – December 2013

December 22nd 2013 by Posted in News 0 Comments

We are coming to the end of a year of exciting growth and new beginnings. We hope you agree that 2013 has been a good year for Cor Deo – thank you for all your prayers! The Searights are looking forward to their first Chippenham Christmas and Mike is settling in well. In November there | Read More…

Update #45 – November 2013

November 19th 2013 by Posted in News 0 Comments

Thank you for praying for us at Cor Deo.  In the last couple of weeks we had a very enjoyable Intensive in the Portland area which included a very encouraging mini-reunion of participants from last year’s Intensive.  It was so good to hear of the impact our week together has had on them and their | Read More…

Update #44 – September 2013

September 24th 2013 by Posted in News 0 Comments

We recently held a two-day Invitational, followed by a full five-day Intensive.  Both were special times and we finished both tired and thankful.  It is a privilege to study the Bible together with others who are eager to pursue God’s heart in His Word.  I am sure we could never grow tired of doing this, | Read More…

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