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Consumer Sheep Consumer Shepherd

December 9th 2014 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments

I have seen a lot written about consumerism in the church, but it always seems to focus on the sheep. Churches feel increasingly pressured to vie for the loyalty of attenders by means of tailored worship experiences, styles of preaching, and so on. Meanwhile, as churches give the best fare they can generate, the majority | Read More…


November 30th 2014 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments

An unlikely Old Testament hero—the African eunuch, Ebed-melech—offers us a model of courage. We first meet him in Jeremiah 38 when he rescued Jeremiah. The prophet was in trouble—discarded to die in a muddy cistern—until Ebed-melech acted. In the rescue this African’s faith invites admiration and imitation. And through his story we gain another facet | Read More…

Longing for Home

November 22nd 2014 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments

Have you ever felt homesick? You know that feeling that something is missing, as if a part of you is no longer there. With these feelings you may become easily distracted, little things remind of you what or who is missing in your life, you start to think about the next time you’ll get be | Read More…

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Why would God Wipe Tears?

November 10th 2014 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments

It is a famous biblical phrase, but have we stopped to consider what it is saying?   “The Lord GOD will wipe away tears from all faces…” Isaiah writes this in what you might call the “song of the banquet hall.” Let’s consider the context before we probe the point I want to underline in this | Read More…

Faithful Husband, Unfaithful Bride

November 5th 2014 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments

This post has been written by Gretchen, a great friend of Cor Deo. Gretchen has attended Cor Deo Intensives in Portland, OR, and we really appreciate her comments on the site. ———————————– Just a few words of a telephone conversation, overheard quite by accident, changed my life forever. Why? Because they were the words of my | Read More…

Reading Rightly

October 27th 2014 by Posted in Blog 3 Comments

Sound hermeneutics—the principles of interpretation—are crucial to effective Bible study. Good interpretation offers a reliable grasp of the meaning of a given text and a proper sense of how to apply it. This interpretive work comes as part of a Bible college education. Graduates ideally go on to coach church members in sound Bible study. | Read More…

The Legacy of Everyday Moments

October 20th 2014 by Posted in Blog 2 Comments

Jesus is impressive. I know this is obvious to many of us and maybe you’re thinking (with a hint of sarcasm), “Of course he is, Jesus is God!”   I could use the space of this blog to list all the ways he elicits the response “Awesome!” However, there’s one particular aspect of his character that | Read More…

The Greatest Peril for Bible Churches?

October 8th 2014 by Posted in Blog 4 Comments

Mark’s all-action Gospel is interrupted twice by blocks of teaching from Jesus.  The first, in chapter 4, feels so familiar.  A man went out to sow.  (Yes, we know that one.)  One type of seed, four types of soil, most unfruitful, only good soil really gives life, etc.  It is a familiar passage.  It is | Read More…

Conversion as Conversation

September 30th 2014 by Posted in Blog 3 Comments

My life-changing response to God’s love—my conversion—came through a conversation with Christ. I was a young skeptic—ready to dismiss my Sunday-School charade of faith—when a chain of unlikely events caught my attention. Was God at work? Did he actually exist? Or, more to the point, if he did exist was he trying to catch my | Read More…

Never Lose This

September 24th 2014 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments

Yesterday I was in conversation with a Polish church leader who vulnerably admitted something the rest of the group could relate to easily. “In the first years of my ministry I was extremely conscious of my dependence on God and aware of the need for God to work despite my weaknesses. However, as the years | Read More…

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