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Posts for July 2012

Does Jesus Tell Us To Love Ourselves?

July 30th 2012 by Posted in Blog 5 Comments
Love Self

She seemed to want to lock swords. I was a member of a panel discussion and we were introducing ourselves to each other beforehand. One lady, with some background in counselling, seemed intrigued as to my presence. A Bible teacher? What would I bring to a discussion about life and relationships? Then I accidentally stepped | Read More…

Complaining to God

July 24th 2012 by Posted in Blog 1 Comment
Complaining to God

Is it ever okay to complain to God? Is it appropriate to tell him that we think he’s done a terrible job and needs to start getting things right? Should the topic, “Proper forms of complaining in prayer,” be included in workshops? Some may cringe at even asking the question: “No, of course not! God | Read More…

Why By This?

July 16th 2012 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments
Bowl 3a

Have you ever stopped to ask why Jesus said what He did?  Perhaps we don’t because we just accept it.  It is not a bad idea to trust what Jesus says.  But there’s no harm in pondering why he said it, either. Take for example, his new commandment in John 13.  “By this will all | Read More…

Cor Deo Content Elsewhere

July 12th 2012 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments
3d eyewitness

Here are a few more links you might appreciate: A lot of Cor Deo time is spent in the Bible, and here are two posts from Peter on the biblical geography and history, as well as one on the Psalms, and one on the Prophets. Ron writes of relationships and, of course, brings us to | Read More…


July 9th 2012 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments
Olive Oil 2

What is spirituality?  The question is huge—reaching well beyond a brief entry like this—but I would like to take a nibble. The main analogy for spirituality and spiritual growth in the Bible looks to organic or physical growth: as a child becomes an adult through stages of increasing maturity, so a spiritual person has stages | Read More…

Links You Might Like

July 6th 2012 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments
3d books

We haven’t done one of these for a while – Cor Deo type content from other sites: Ron keeps producing good stuff on SpreadingGoodness – here’s one on healing, for a starter. Is it possible to go beyond just preaching guilt at people?  Peter (and parts two, three, and four) . Eavesdropping a conversation about | Read More…


July 3rd 2012 by Posted in Blog 0 Comments

It seems like a massive contradiction.  The world tends to see Christians as living under religious bondage, restricted from everything that is fun.  The Bible speaks of Christianity as true freedom.  Which is it? Actually I can see both sides.  Some Christians seem to be the most free and joy-filled people I know.  Other Christians | Read More…